iMessage for Android Apk Download {Latest Version}

The iMessage is an application which is only used for the App users to send the messages from iPhone to iPhone by their Apple ID. If you are the iPhone user, and you want to shift to the Android device to its advanced features when compared to the iOS, but if you were using the iMessage and all your contacts, friends in the iMessage then you will don't get those contacts on your Android device. 

iMessage for Android Apk Download {Latest Version}

The iMessage is the application which was given as the default by Apple by shifting to the Android you will don't get this app in the Google Play Store for this you want to download this app from the third party. We have many apps alternative of messages like Hike and WhatsApp, but some users are attracted to the iMessage because of the simple interface by which we can directly send the message and the messages in the iMessage will appear in the form of the standard signal, but the change is only in colour. The best method to download the iMessage for Android and to install it on your Android Device.

iMessage for Android 

Step to Install the Problem iMessage for Android Device

The steps are given below will show you how to solve the problem.
> Download the iMessage App for Android from the official website.
> The Messenger will start automatically.
> Once you download the Apk file, then connect your Android mobile to PC and Laptop.
> Transfer the Apk file to your cell phone.
>Then, install the application.
> After completing the installation verify your mobile number.

How to Know the Difference between iMessage and Normal message in Android Device

The iMessage notification is similar to the WhatsApp and FB messenger, but the unknown thing if your message in the messenger will appear in the green, then it was a standard message, and it seems in blue, then it was iMessage this is one of the best ways to confirm iMessage and standard message.

Method 2:

If any case the above method is not working, then we found another app Piemessage instead of iMessage and it will work correctly for the iMessage, but there are some disadvantages in the Peimessage. You cannot send any images and group messages from this, but you can receive the group messages.

Method 3:

It is the working method for the iMessage on Android. The above methods are failed because of some issue, but this method will give you the good experience. Download the application temporarily and enjoy the use. Follow the steps to install the application. 
Go to the official iMessage app, and you will directly redirect to the Google Play Store.
Download the App.
Install the app and enjoy it.
The light is blink when you receive the message.
You can also custom your bubble theme.
It will support all kind of emoji for your messages.
See the info on the call and contact directly. 
The internal snapshot support like iPhone 6S.
Custom the font for your Messenger app.
It will manage all the messages SMS efficiently like OS 10.
The group message will help like iOS Messenger app.
Swipe up and down to see the full conversation.
Search for the words.


It was good to use the WhatsApp, FB messenger and the Hike of the iMessage which can keep you safe. I hope after reading this article, you will get all the information about iMessage app. If still, you have any query, then comment in the comment box which is available at the end of the page.


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